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You just booked your portrait session, now you're asking... what should we wear? Here are a few tips!


I suggest picking clothes that compliment each other stylistically, without being matchy-matchy. Consider a main color palette and think about mixing different textures for visual interest.


Don't worry if you end up mixing in different colors or things don't match exactly, variation is more interesting and you don't want to look overly coordinated. Also, consider what the background of our photos will be and choose a complimentary style.


Generally, I recommend keeping it more neutral. Use busy patterns and bright colors sparingly. If one person in a busy pattern or bright color, then the rest in solids or less busy patterns.


I find it easier to choose outfits for children first, then figure out the rest based off their wardrobe. Pick items that are still easy to move in, especially with kids, we'll be more active. Clothing that you can sit, run around, and play in.


When dressing babies, I recommend their shirt is bodysuit or the outfit is one piece. If not, while they're being held, the shirts tend to ride up and block their face and constantly need to be fixed. It's super annoying.


For families, "smart casual" wardrobes are usually great! Think comfy, flowy dresses, button downs, khakis, things that area always in style!


For shoots during the winter months, be sure to dress in layers, wear warm socks, and bring hats and gloves that can be worn during the session. Especially for kids, they will last much longer with warm hands, feet, and ears.


Most importantly, choose clothing that are comfortable in, fit you correctly, and make you feel confident!


Here are a few inspirational styles -

Lights + Blues

Neutral + Darks

Bright + Lights

Bold + Darks

Darks + Denim

Tan + Grey

Light + Summery

Warm + Cozy


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