Erika offers custom-designed albums, handcrafted and manufactured in the United States by Kiss Books. These simply stunning albums are available in three sizes, thick or thin pages, and offer a variety of cover colors and upgrade options.


All albums are printed on Fuji Crystal Archival Photographic Paper and feature a no-center cut with layflat binding. Just pick out your favorite photos and let Erika tell your story, beautifully.

Recent Album Layout

Choose your style...


Custom Layout

Your album will be custom designed, personally by Erika. Your favorite photos will be arranged, page-by-page into a custom layout to include all the highlights your wedding day and tell your story beautifully.

Archival Paper + Layflat Binding

Your photos are printed on gorgeous Fuji Crystal Archival Photoraphic Paper and the Layflat Binding features seamless printing and no-cut center.


Albums include 10 spreads minimum, which is a total of 20 pages. Additional spreads may be added to your album for a maximum of 40 spreads (80 pages). The cost of additional spreads will depend on album size and paper type/finish.

Album Sizes

Albums are available in three sizes, price will depend on your choice of thick or thin pages.
Please note, Erika's custom layouts for wedding albums average approximately 20 spreads, but will ultimately depend on the amount of photos you wish to include.

12×12 Albums

This size provides maximum impact, show off your wedding spectacularly!
10 Spreads Included
$12 per additional spread
$16 per additional spread

10×10 Albums

The most versitile album size, great for couples or parents!
10 Spreads Included
$10 per additional spread
$14 per additional spread

8×8 Albums

The most popular choice for parent albums!
10 Spreads Included
$8 per additional spread
$12 per additional spread

Paper Type

Choose either thick or thin pages! See pricing above.

Thin Pages

Thin pages are adhered back to back but still provide a stiff, sophisticated quality.

Thick Pages

Thick pages have a 1MM substrate in between each spread, pages won't bend and they create a bold impact.

Paper Finish

All albums use gorgeous Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper with the option to upgrade to matte paper.

Luster Paper

Luster photo paper showcases photos with deep, crisp colors; slight gloss, deep saturation, high contrast, and strong perceived sharpness.

Matte Paper

Upgrade to Matte paper for a velvety and classic look. Matte paper provides a smooth finish with no gloss, delicate saturation, reduced contrast and soft perceived sharpness.
+$3 per spread

Interior Cover

Begin and end your album in style by choosing between white and black for the color of the interior cover.





Exterior Cover

Choose the cover material and color that perfectly compliment your wedding's unique style.

Linen Covers

The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of your album. Select Linen has a delicate weave with a parallel texture. Japanese Silk has a soft, sleek texture that is natural to the smooth fibrils of silk.

Fine Linen Covers

Fine Linen has a large weave with a pronounced texture. Fine Linen colors include Admiral, Golden, Natural, Onyx, Plum, Shoreline, and Slate.

Leather Covers

The 100% natural Italian leather options are desirable for their texture, strength and durability. Natural Leathers are both smooth and luxurious, while Distressed Leathers enamor with their aged beauty.
8x8 +$80
10x10 +$100
12x12 +$120

Suede Covers

Rich suede texture that feels every bit as luxurious as it looks. 100% authentic Suede Leather have a lavish nap, lasting durability, and colors inspired by some of the most beautiful places in the world.
8x8 +$80
10x10 +$100
12x12 +$120

Linen Colors

Leather + Suede Colors

Exterior Cover Customizations

Upgrade or personalize your album cover with the following options.

Cameo Window

Add your favorite photo to the cover of your album to start the story off right. Photos are inlaid within a square window to compliment your album size.


Using a laser your names and/or date can be etched onto your album. Customize from a selection of fonts, then select your size and placement on the cover.


Imprint your personalized text on the cover of your album. Colors range from rose gold, silver, gold, black, white or blind (clear) finish.

Custom Debossing

Imprint your personalized text with any font on the cover of your album. Colors range from rose gold, silver, gold, black, white and blind (clear) finish.


Storage boxes are custom made to fit your unique album, prices will depend on the size and spread count of your finalized album.


A handmade, cream color linen dust cover is included with all album orders.

Wooden Craftsman Box

A natural grain, bright box that is perfect for storing and protecting your album.

Wooden Walnut Box

Smooth finished, dark hardwood, with dense weight of Walnut walls. Pairs perfectly with thick-paged albums.

Linen Box

A perfect match to your linen album. Crafted out of the same linen used for your album cover, it features a unique, joint panel construction that unfolds to reveal your album inside and has a matching ribbon tab to lift your ablum for easy access.


Add-On Services


Don't have time to choose your favorites or find it overwhelming? Skip it, let Erika choose the images and pre-design your album layout for you!


Would you like a certain image lightly photoshopped before it goes into the album? Please let Erika know!
+$3 per image

Duplicate Albums

Exact copies of your album can be purchased at a reduced price. You may remove spreads and change any details except the custom layout.
30% off total cost

Design Files

Purchase the high-resolution JPEG files of your custom-designed layout and be able print duplicate albums with a printer of your choosing.

Let's start your album...

Album Ordering Details

1 - To begin, submit your album order form to Erika with your album preferences.

  • Just the size, cover type, and interior color is needed to start the design, the rest of the details can be decided later in the design process.
  • If your wedding collection does not incluce a complimentary album, an initial payment of the base album price is due begin your album design.

2 - Next, choose your favorite images that must be included in your album.

  • Through your online gallery, create an account and select your favorite images by clicking the "heart" icon in the corner.
  • Then share your selection with Erika.

3 - Erika will then create a custom designed layout first draft within 3-4 weeks.

  • Next, review and make comments. Add or remove photos, spreads, etc.
  • At this time you can finalize your album color and any upgrade options.

4 - Lastly, approve your album and submit your final payment.

  • Final payments will include any additional spread fees, upgrade costs, taxes and shipping.
  • Once your final payment is recieved, your album will be sent to print!

5 - Printing, binding, and shipping can take up to 4-6 weeks.

  • Once completed, your album will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep. Enjoy!

Album Order Form

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How many photos are in an album?
On average there are about 4-5 photos per spread in every album. So, for the minimum of 10 spreads, there will be about 40-50 images in the album.

How many spreads do I need?
The amount of spreads will depend on how many photos you would like to include and how many you prefer on each page. Erika's custom layout designs usually include approximately 20 spreads.


How many favorites should I choose?
You can select as many or as few favorites as you like, however you should focus on your absolute favorites. These are the images you must, must, must have in your album.


Help, there are so many photos, I'm having trouble narrowing down my favorites!
The best way to choose your favorites is to go through the galleries quickly, spending no more than 3 seconds on each photo. Trust your first instinct and select your favorites as you go. Once you've made an initial selection you can review what you have done and remove photos if you have too many.


Can I make two selections of favorites?
Yes, feel free to make two selections of favorites. Name the first selection "Must Have Favorites" and the second selection "Would Like to Have" and share them both with Erika.


How do I share my favorites?
When you're done selecting your favorites, be sure to click "Share Favorites" in the top right corner, then click "Share to Photographer". Name your selection and include any notes, then click "Share".


Remember, once you get your first draft, it will be easy to add or remove certain photos to make sure the album is exactly how you would like it! Have fun!


Fine Print

Please note, album prices and/or specifications are subject to change without notice based on the manufacturer.
Erika will update the available options accordingly and will notify you as soon as possible regarding any changes to your order.


Based in New Jersey
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Erika Koop

Wedding + Engagement Photographer
NJ, Hudson Valley, Adirondacks + Beyond


Erika Koop

Wedding + Engagement Photographer
NJ, Hudson Valley, Adirondacks + Beyond


Based in New Jersey
(201) 658-8181
Contact Page