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Photographer: Erika Koop-Philbin


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Payment Schedule

Full payment is due by DATE.

Payments can be made by cash, check, credit/debit, Venmo or Chase Quickpay via Zelle.

Please make checks payable to 'Erika Koop Photography'.

Venmo payments can be made to '@Erika-Koop-Photo'.

Chase Quickpay via Zelle payments should be made to ''.


Terms and Conditions:


This contract is between Erika Koop Photography (The Photographer) and the client (Client) relating to their portrait session (Session) taking place on DATE. A signed contract is required to secure photographic services from the Photographer.


1. Photographer’s Responsibilities

Upon the best of the Photographer's ability, the Photographer hereby agrees to perform photographic services for Client at the Session specified above in a professional, workmanlike, and timely manner. The Photographer will advise on planning, logistics, location and timing as needed and as requested by the Client. The Photographer will help craft a simple shot list based on the Client’s image requests. The Photographer will contact the Client by phone a few days prior to the Session date to finalize all details.


2. Cooperation and Creative License

The Photographer and the Client agree to cooperate and communicate with each other in a timely manner to achieve the best possible photographic results. The Client will be required to complete the Photographers online questionnaire in order for the Photographer to create the shot list. The Photographer will make every effort to obtain specific images requested by the Client that are included in the shot list, however, if unexpected circumstances arise, the Photographer cannot guarantee delivery of all requested images. Under any circumstances, the Photographer holds full creative license to capture all images using their professional judgment, experience and knowledge, in order to deliver the best possible product to the Client.


3. Payment

Full payment for the total balance is due by the Session date by cash, check, Venmo, or Chase Quickpay via Zelle.


4. Rescheduling, Cancellation or Postponement

The Photographer will allow the client to designate one 'rain date' upon booking and offers flexible rescheduling based on availability. If the Client shall cancel the Session, the Client must notify the Photographer immediately upon cancellation. If the Client needs to postpone the Session date, the Photographer cannot guarantee availability. If the Photographer is available for a later date, the contract will be valid for the new date. If the Session is postponed and the Photographer is not available to reschedule, the contract will be terminated and any payments made in advance will be refunded.


5. Failure to Perform

If Photographer is unable to provide photography services for the Session due to an illness, injury, personal emergency, fire, flood, casualty, strike, civil disturbance, war, terrorism, or other acts of God or nature beyond the Photographer and Client’s control that prevent the Photographer from attending the Session, the Photographer will refund any advance payments made by the Client and this contract shall immediately terminate.


6. Image Loss or Damage

The Photographer has methods in place to prevent loss or damage to the digital images. However, in the unlikely event that images are lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons beyond the Photographers control, the Photographer will not be held responsible for any equipment malfunction, theft, or accident that results in the damage or destruction of the Client’s images. If for any reason the Photographer cannot deliver images the Client shall be refunded a percentage according to the amount of images that the Photographer supplied.


7. Insurance

The Photographer maintains liability insurance through Travelers Insurance.


8. Model Release

The Photographer retains unrestricted rights to use all finalized images, online or printed, for website, blog, portfolio, social media or any other editorial, licensing, competition, or advertising needs relating to the Photographer’s business or promoting the business. The Photographer also retains the right to publish the Clients names and Session related information on the Photographer’s blog and/or other portrait photography related online or print publications.


9. Copyright

All images will remain the exclusive copyrighted property of the Photographer. The Photographer grants the Client permission to use the images as described in section 10.


10. Client Usage

The Client may copy and print the images for personal use only and may in no way sell the images for profit. Any online or print publication of the images outside the Client’s personal use is not allowed without prior written permission from the Photographer. The Client may in no way alter the appearance of the images, except for standard cropping in print or social media usage.


11. Product Delivery

As stated in the Booked Photography Coverage, the Photographer shall deliver to the Client the minimum number of edited digital JPEG images as the final product (including color + black & white copies, high resolution and low resolution versions). All of the finalized images will be re-touched by the Photographer and ready for printing and online usage by the Client. The images will be delivered via an online gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after the Session date and the Client is required to download the images via the online gallery. The online gallery will be removed from the Photographers website 1 year after the Session date. USB drives containing copies of the finalized images may be purchased for an additional fee of $75.00 per drive. Because the Photographer cannot guarantee maintaining the lifespan of all images, it is recommended that the Client makes a back-up copy of their images and keep the back-up copy stored in a secondary, safe location. It is also advised that the Client update their back-up method periodically in accordance with technological changes.


12. Printing Release

Printing release is granted to the Client upon delivery of final JPEG images via online gallery, where in the Client may print at any lab of their choosing.


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